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by Aanchal Markandey | December 20th, 2013
I am sure we all are aware of who Makeup Artist Gagan Brar is, after an interview that was conducted a few days back,for those who don’t – check out this link ( get yourself updated people).​ Not only did Gagan inform all of us about her life, but we have also convinced her to keep us posted about everything related to makeup. Yippee! Ladies we have a new segment coming up for all of you – and get ourselves updated with different makeup skills with the help of our very own- Gagan Brar.
Most women would leave home without makeup just as they would leave home without their pants. Makeup is important, and your cosmetic bag is something that you should carry everyday, yes! everyday. To look stunning throughout the day, you need to carry that little pouch of yours that has all the tools and equipments to make you look beautiful.
So, lets talk about your makeup kit- don’t you think it has become untidy and disorganized? Are you spending more time looking for things than applying makeup – you’re carrying a lot of stuff, which isn’t really required.
Gagan brar has helped us with 10 essential makeup tools that definitely belong to your kit.

Moisturizer :

Winter season is loved by most of us, but our skin is not really fond of it- it needs extra care and a moisturizer is a must in your pouch- specially when you’re applying makeup. Before you apply the base make up on your face don’t forget to moisturize your skin properly, it is recommended that you should nourish your skin . 

Foundation :

Foundation is also an important part for your base makeup, it will give you a smooth complexion before you start applying other products. It is basically used to even the skin tone, “applying foundation on the full face will give you a heavy look, so touch up the areas where your skin tone emerges uneven”- says makeup artist Gagan brar. .

Concealer :

It is applied to hide the blemishes, sore, freckles and other dark spots that are visible on your skin. It is thicker than foundation, to overcome different pigments. Make sure you choose a concealer, which gives you long wearing and also a shade that is one or two shades lighter than your skin tone.

Blush : 

If you want kissable pink cheeks, a blusher is going to be lot of help to you. It is used to highlight your cheekbones and adds dimension to your face. You can use it with various shades, but for a subtle look choose a shade that’s close to your lip color. A blusher will give you a youthful or a sun-kissed appearance.

Compact :

Compact plays a major role, as it helps the makeup to stay for a longer period. They have better coverage and versatility. Compact gives you a natural as well as a pleasant look. A compact is something you should always have in your makeup kit. 

Kajal : 

Yes, i know you all have it in your bags or makeup pouch. Kajal is the base of your eye makeup, and this is something you can wear everyday. A dark kajal will make your eyes look bigger and beautiful. Make sure, you apply a good quality kajal so that it doesn’t cause any side effects like redness or itchy eyes.

Eye Liner : 

Eye Liners are important because they define your eyes. It is applied on the edges of the eyelids and just below the eye. They come in various shades and is also becoming very popular among college girls because teenage girls try to match it up the color of dress they are wearing.

Mascara :
It doesn’t matter what your hair color is, or the dress that you’re wearing- just apply a black mascara to enhance your eyes. It is commonly used to give you long and thick eyelashes. So, let your eyes do the talking while you put on your best make up.

Lipstick :
This is generally where you end your makeup, as it gives you the final touch!! A lipstick can change your look completely - specially the lip color. There are tons of shades available in the market, depending on your preferences you can choose a lip color – but be careful about the season, because a blood red lip color might not be a good idea on a Sunday afternoon.

Hair Brush :

Finally a Hair Brush, i know – i know ! you have it , but to give you the accurate and complete information i had to mention it :p. wear your make up and do your hair- you're ready to go.

These are the 10 important things that your makeup kit should have. Always remember, you are beautiful with or without makeup but taking a little extra care won’t affect much. right ?

Be Beautiful and Awesome!!
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