Friday, 17 May 2013



Wheat germ oil –
this oil contains antioxidants that are great for renewing the skin which makes it a very efficient treatment for stretch marks. Slow and steady wins the race with this stretch mark treatment.
Jojoba oil – this remedy is suitable for a number of different skin types so it is a great remedy for stretch mark. It is packed with vitamin E which is great for lightening scars as well as stretch marks.

Castor oil –
this oil is very viscous and so it is great for providing moisture deep down into the scar tissue making is softer, smoother and less visible.

Shea butter –
this has high amounts of vitamins A & E along with high amounts of fatty acids. This most often doesn’t cause any irritation and is a primary ingredient in a number of stretch mark remedies that are sold over the counter. You have to purchase it in its purest form in order for it to be most effective.

Cocoa butter –
this is a primary ingredient in a number of stretch mark remedies and it has long been used for this purpose successfully.
The thing that the majority of these treatments have in common is the amount of vitamin E they contain. This vitamin is essential for cell formation and regeneration and to get rid of stretch marks you need to generate new skin cells. If you do not have these items at home you can purchase them at your local beauty supply or other store that sells beauty items. You can also look out for skin creams that contain all natural ingredients and high levels of vitamin E such as Revitol Natural Skin Care.