Tuesday, 26 March 2013

How To Protect Your Skin on Holi
If you have dry skin you are lucky - smother a layer of almond or olive oil all over your body not missing out on areas like the ears, back of the neck, elbows, knees, lips and even on the eye lids. Since almond oil and olive oil are also good for skin so it wont cause you any issues. Oil will help form a layer of barrier between your skin and the chemicals. It will also help you wash off the colors more easily.
Oily skinned beauties can try almond oil as well - almond oil does not cause breakouts unless you drench yourself in it. Another option is to use any petroleum jelly to coat your skin, but be careful around the eyes.
Apply petroleum jelly lavishly on your hands and nails specially covering the area under the nail tips. This is where the color tends to gather and look awful when it does not wash off.
If possible wear clothes that cover as much of your body as possible - wearing full arm Kurtis with leggings is a good option.
Wear clear goggles or glasses to give some shield to your eyes. It is painful to have color, whether chemical or natural, to enter your eyes. It is simply painful!

How To Protect Your Hair on Holi
Whether you have oily hair, dry hair, wavy hair, short hair, long hair - it does not matter. No matter how hideous you look covered in oil - Holi is one time where the hair will suffer if you don't take precautions. So, before you step out with friends to celebrate, apply oil over your hair, covering it all and even the scalp. Then tie your hair in a plait if you have long hair. The oil again acts as a barrier between the chemicals and your scalp and hair shaft. Also it makes removing the color easier.

If you are planning on a hair cut - let Holi go by. Plan your hair cut at-least 2 days after Holi so that all traces of color are washed off well. Clean hair always makes it easier for the barber to cut and style to perfection.
If at any time during playing with colors you feel any itching or burning make sure to wash immediately with clean water. Also as a precaution, keep a bucket of clean water handy - I have known people scurrying for water to wash color that has just entered their eyes.